Deluxe Airsoft Check Up


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Deluxe Airsoft Check Up Plan

The deluxe airsoft check up plan is a service we propose for airsoft players. If you are somewhat knowledgeable of the gun you bought at Taktik Airsoft and want an expert to look at it 2 times a year:

The service includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Electrical verification
  • Hopup verification
  • Barrel cleaning
  • Battery verification
  • Lubrication of external parts (not internal gearbox)

Add 10% of the value of your purchase to include all replacement parts free of charge.

For example : a $300.00 airsoft gun x 10% = 30$

75$ + 30$ = 105$

The deluxe airsoft check up plan includes two services a year plus all parts.


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