CYMA QD 접이식 앞 그립 블랙


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제품 설명

  • 색깔: 검은
  • 레일 마운트
  • 합성물
  • Folds flat against rail
  • 빠른 분리


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무게 0.1 킬로그램
치수 20 엑스 10 엑스 10 센티미터

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  1. 정격 5 중 5


    Mounted this to the Picatinny rail on the bottom front of my crossbow. The QD feature does mean there is a little play in the mount, but when I pull this towards me to push the butt stock into my shoulder it feels solid. Very light, and it fit my rail very well. The low profile shape of the handle allogned well with my crossbow, and the finger groove at the front of the grip is a nice feature and feels comfortable. Very satisfied and would defenitely recommend this!

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