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05 Dec

Review G&G CM16 LMG by Taktik Airsoft

Un aperçu rapide du nouveau CM16 LMG de G&G. Un LMG léger d’assault avec un Boxmag excellent et autres accessoires.

A quick overview of the new G&G CM16 LMG. A lightweight assault LMG with a great boxmag and accessories.

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20 Mar

Unboxing VFC SR 25 GBBR

Unpacking and initial overview of the VFC MK11 mod 0 in GBBR format. One of the few GBBRs in 308 format the MK11 is based on the SR25 by Knight’s Armaments and for a while was the semi-automatic sniper rifle of American special forces.

23 Jan

Review Ares Striker S1 Sniper by Taktik Airsoft

Initial impressions of the Ares Striker S1 Sniper. In terms of construction quality, solidness, ergonomics, features, and shot to shot consistency, the rifle is impressive. Long term performance and future upgrade paths are still to be looked into.

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23 Jan

Review and mag test US version of the ASG Bren 805 by Taktik Airsoft

Today we’re testing several M4 mags in the US version of the ASG Bren 805. Performance may vary depending on the weight of the BB, the number of BBs in the mag, and speed of the whole system.

Ares Amoeba 140, Semi: (Y) Full Auto: skips
G&G 79 Métal, Semi: (Y), Full Auto: (Y)
PTS EPM, Semi: Skips, Full Auto: Skips
KWA K120: Semi: (Y), Full Auto: (Y)
PTS (KWA) ERG PMAG, Semi (Y), Full Auto: (Y)

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