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23 Jan

Review and mag test US version of the ASG Bren 805 by Taktik Airsoft

Today we’re testing several M4 mags in the US version of the ASG Bren 805. Performance may vary depending on the weight of the BB, the number of BBs in the mag, and speed of the whole system.

Ares Amoeba 140, Semi: (Y) Full Auto: skips
G&G 79 Métal, Semi: (Y), Full Auto: (Y)
PTS EPM, Semi: Skips, Full Auto: Skips
KWA K120: Semi: (Y), Full Auto: (Y)
PTS (KWA) ERG PMAG, Semi (Y), Full Auto: (Y)

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31 Dec

Happy New Year!!!! 2017

Taktik Airsoft would like to wish you all the best to you and your family and the upcoming new year. We have many new things planned for the new year: New products, Partnerships, Games, Events, Tech ans communities.

21 Dec

Holiday opening hours

Here is the center’s and store schedules for the period from December 24 to 2:

24: Open Store until 3 pm / Center on reservation
25: Closed / Closed
26: Open Store / Center on reservation
27: Open Store / Center on Tuesday league
28: Open Store / Center on reservation / closed or group reservation
29: Open Store / Center on reservation / closed or group reservation
30: Open Store / Game on! 6h30-11h pm
31: Open Store until 3 pm / Center on reservation
01-1-17 Closed / Closed

If you have questions or requests, please post comments.

15 Dec

G&G day Saturday December 17

Taktik will be hosting the official distributor of G&G in Canada. Come visit us and get to see the newest offerings of the one of the best airsoft companies in the business.

Promotions and discounts only available at the store on Saturday

06 Dec

The Brens are inbound!!

The Brens are inbound!!

Our order of CZ805 Brens will be coming in next week, They’ll be available in both colors and lengths. These will be the US versions, which means they’ll take most M4 mags!! Also ASG has provided the clients with an additional black flash hider.

asg-bren-805-a2-cqb-aeg-metal-black asg-bren-805-a1-carbine-aeg-metal-black asg-bren-805-a1-carbine-aeg-metal-tan asg-bren-805-a2-cqb-aeg-metal-tan


23 Oct

Taktik Airsoft Environmental Taktikal BB refill program

Taktik Airsoft has started a new refilling program for it’s line of Taktikal BBS

Save the environment by refilling your Taktikal BB bottle and at the same time save some money. Pass by the store with your Taktikal BB bottle and let our staff refill it for you. The bottle must be undamaged, clean and with the original cap.

Applicable for 0.2g, 0.25g and 0.28g weights.

Only available when inventory levels permits.