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Taktik Airsoft can provide products and services for your business through different types of affiliations.

Interested in representing Taktik Airsoft in your local team or community? Perhaps you need good products at competitive prices for your business? Come work with us and we will make it happen.

The first structure is agent: Sales are done under a reference structure with a commission remuneration system. You can convert your commission into store credit or cash.

The second structure is a franchise of Taktik Airsoft in your local community. Certain conditions will be needed to be met for this type of affiliation: store location, geographical coverage, events, games, competitions, etc. Taktik Airsoft will supply the marketing and web presence needed to promote your local franchise.

If you want to order for your business, we can offer you corporate prices on all of our products, providing you possess a registered business.

For more information about affiliations with Taktik Airsoft, please fill the form below. Alternatively, you can also send a direct e-mail to

Thank you again for your interest in Taktik Airsoft.


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Public Relations

Taktik Airsoft welcomes any chance it has to work with the community.

If you have a project or you are interested in airsoft, please feel free to contact us. We have active relationships with: the news media, the video game industry, law enforcement, the military, milsim teams, larp groups and many others.

If you have any questions about rules, safety or how to play airsoft, we can provide you with all the needed help.

Taktik Airsoft is proud to promote airsoft with the respect of Canadian law. We take professional measures to make certain that all our products and services are conform to the law.

If you are interested in contacting from one of the stated communities or any others reasons, please contact us with the form below.
You can also email us at


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Taktik Airsoft is a continuously expanding company.

Our growth and success is do to our team of professionals. We take care of offering the best experience to all our clients.

Taktik Airsoft is a clearly defined business brand that is affiliated with honour, integrity and fun.

If you are interested in contacting us for investment, partnership or a franchise, please contact us with the form below.
You can also email us at

Thank you

Taktik Airsoft

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